Trending Essay Topics for SIDBI Grade A, SBI PO 2023 - Feb 2023

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SIDBI Grade A, SBI PO Mains descriptive topics 2023 - Find the latest Essay Topics For SBI PO Mains 2022, these are trending Topics based on Current, Banking and Economic Affairs.

The SIDBI Grade A 2023, SBI PO Mains 2022, LIC AAO Mains 2023 and RBI Grade B 2023 exams are around the corner. Writing an essay is an essential part of the Mains Exams of Banking and various other jobs. So how one should approach the essay?

First, you need to understand what is the demand of the exam, and what the examiner is looking for in the candidate. The examiner is looking for a candidate which is fluent in the English language as it is the medium of communication in the organization. Secondly, the essay will showcase how a person forms an opinion about the current related topics or general topics. Thirdly, Students should not nervous if they don’t have a good vocabulary, Examiner is not looking for you to be an English professor. So simple and grammatical English is good enough.

Trending Essay Topics for IFSCA, RBI, Bank Exams 2023 - April 2023

How to Write Essay in SIDBI Grade A 2023, SBI PO Mains 2022, LIC AAO Mains 2023 and RBI Grade B 2023 Exams?

  • The candidate needs to choose a topic with which he or she is comfortable, pick a topic for which he or she knows or has read some data or facts, or choose a government initiative.
  • The candidate should first write points or prepare the draft on the rough sheet in 2-3 minutes to draw out the structure of the essay. This helps in minimizing the time taken to write the essay; otherwise, the more you write and edit or use backspace, the more time you will waste.
  • Try to cover 3–4 dimensions in the essay and also include the latest data or facts and real-world examples if possible.
  • The thoughts should not be extreme. Take a neutral stand. Thoughts and language should be soft and polite.
  • Try to have Coherence and connectivity in the essay. For this, you can use connecting or transitory words.
  • There should be an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Don’t forget to write the conclusion.
  • Try to write an essay in paragraphs.

List of Essay Topics for SIDBI Grade A 2023, SBI PO Mains 2022, LIC AAO Mains 2023 and RBI Grade B 2023 Exams.

To start with this paper, aspirants need to be aware of the current happening around the world. The essay topics can be from any of the Social, Science and Technology, Economics, Governance, Current Affairs related topics. To help you find the most relevant topics and practice your writing skills we have to compile a list of a few hot essay topics for upcoming essay topics for SIDBI Grade A 2023, SBI PO Mains 2022, LIC AAO Mains 2023 and RBI Grade B 2023 Exams this year.

  • Importance of MSME Sector in India ​
  • Importance of Tourism Sector in India. ​
  • Contribution of unorganized sector in Economy​
  • Unemployment or Underemployment: which is worse. ​
  • 5G technology and its Importance for Economy. ​
  • Rising Fintech sector in India and it's impact on Banking sector. ​
  • India's Net Zero ambition and it's challenges. ​
  • Role of Technology in Financial Inclusion. ​
  • Importance of Mental health among Youth. ​
  • G20 Summit 2023 and Its Importance​
  • Rising Fuel Price and it's impact of Indian Economy. ​
  • What is Currency Depreciation and its impact on Indian Economy. ​
  • Inflation and its impact on poor. Or Rising cost of Living and its impact on people. ​
  • Ransomware Attack and issue of Cyber Security in India, Importance of Technology to combat this challenge​
  • Rising Population and Its impact​
  • Rural Entrepreneurship and Its Importance ​
  • What is NPA? Enumerate the major factors behind rising non-performing assets in the Indian banking sector. Discuss the need of Bad Bank in tackling the rising NPA.
  • How climate change Impact Economy? ​
  • Impact of Climate change on Biodiversity and Wildlife ​
  • Role of Women Empowerment in Indian Economy​
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)​
  • Role of PLI to realize the dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat​
  • Role of Education in Economic Development.​
  • Eclectic Vehicles: The future of Transport​
  • Online Gaming: Advantages, disadvantages and Economic Importance or Impact of Online Games on Students. Should it be banned? ​
  • Should economic welfare to poor considered as Freebies?​
  • Artificial Intelligence and It's Economic Importance.​
  • What is Hydrogen fuel? Discuss National Hydrogen Mission.​
  • Startup Ecosystem in India
  • Free Trade Agreement and Its Importance
  • Economic slowdown – Causes and consequences
  • Discuss the problems associated with urbanization and rural-urban migration
  • What is Sustainable Development? Discuss India's commitment towards it.
  • Discuss the concern related to inequality in India. What are the steps taken by government to reduce inequality?
  • What is Inflation Targeting? Discuss the problems and challenges with Inflation Targeting.
  • Fiscal Policy is a tool used by the government to achieve its macroeconomic objective. Discuss.
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